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I work from from your photographs. The painting will be reproduced exactly from the photo provided by yourselves. So it is important that you are happy with the pet’s pose and look. Choose one photo as the painting and then supply 2 or 3 more for reference if you can. For best results please use a photo taken outdoors in good light with no heavy shadows. Indoor shots should avoid use of flash as this discolours the subject and in particular the eyes.

The photo must be a good quality digital copy. It can be a head shot or a full body shot and taken close up with as much detail as possible. I can also provide a photographic service for an extra fee. The painting background looks better in a colour or texture to emphasise the subject. Please advise if you have a colour or specific background preference.


The most popular size for a single pet is a canvas of around 14” x 11” (355 x 275), although any size, smaller or larger may be possible. Consider where it is likely to hang and whether it would be best hung as portrait or landscape or as a square canvas.

Canvases can be supplied “slimline” (18mm thick - best for framing) or 35mm thick (best for unframed paintings).  Paintings are supplied unframed. Framing is a very personal decision and best left for the client.